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Jush Żabka – Work

JUSH is the new app on the block, teaming up with the famous Żabka store chain. It works pretty much like Glovo or Uber Eats, letting you comfortably order your groceries and get them delivered in no time, all thanks to their fast delivery promise. Although it’s a fresh face in the market, it’s quickly becoming a hit, earning thumbs-ups from both customers and couriers. With Flow Apps, you can work legally and hassle-free without the need to set up your own business! So, don’t wait up and start making money with Jush today!

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Work as a shopping delivery man

One of your duties as a Żabka courier is to deliver light, undersized orders from Jush warehouses directly to the customer and back to the chill room. When you have a break, you can relax in a comfortable chair, have a coffee, eat something and charge your phone The maximum range you can drive with one order is 2.5-3 kilometers, so it’s not an exhausting job.

Work as a deliveryman can be done from 08:00-23:00, total freedom of choice of hours and days applies, you decide how much and when you work, depending on how much you want to earn. You can treat work at Żabka Jush as a permanent job or as an additional occupation, because you determine yourself how many hours you want to spend at work.

How to start working at Jush?

Getting started at JUSH is very easy and fast!

The first step is to create an account on our portal and send us the necessary documents. Then you need to register on the Jush application site and choose your fleet partner, Flow Apps through the Jush application form. The whole recruitment process is quick and easy. If you have any problems, please contact us – we will be happy to help and provide you with any answers. We also encourage you to read a short presentation: DOWNLOAD

The only requirements to get started with Jush are to have a smartphone and your own bike or scooter. Take advantage of our offer, sign up today and become one of our couriers.



Sign up on the Flow Apps Portal, then fill out and sign the necessary contracts to start working with Żabka Jush.


Create a Jush Account

Next, register in the Jush app using the registration form.


Choose a Partner

Select a fleet partner: fill out the Jush application form, and in step 4, choose the “Partner” option. Then, register your link with Flow Apps.



Wait for an invitation to a training session from Jush, which will prepare you for the job. We recommend choosing the earliest possible training date so you can start working quickly.


Download the app

The final step is to receive equipment from Jush and download the necessary apps. Now, you're all set to work and take your first orders.

Work at JUSH

  • fajka Minimal formalities
  • fajka Timely settlements
  • fajka We consider all tax benefits
  • fajka Legal employment based on a contract

How much does it cost?

Flow Apps has prepared one of the most favorable offers on the market! Working as a Jush courier, you will pay only PLN 30 for each settlement!* You do not need to open your own business to work with Jush. We guarantee fast and timely payment of wages based on the contract. You do not have to worry about additional paperwork and costs. At the beginning of each year you receive a PIT from us, which you include in your tax return – that’s all!

In addition, with Flow Apps you can work in several apps at the same time, such as Glovo, Uber Eats or Bolt Food which will increase the number of available assignments and your earnings. ! Don’t wait and join us!

Rates in JUSH

Valid from 10.07.2023:

Rates in JUSH Cracow

Valid from 23.10.2023:

Rates in JUSH Warsaw

Jobs in Żabka JUSH – cities served

Click a province and see if your city is on the list!

            • Cracow
            • Warsaw

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                              FAQ – Frequently asked questions

                              What are the requirements to start working at Żabka Jush?

                              To start working at Żabka Jush the candidate must:

                              • be at least 18 years old,
                              • know the Polish language to a communicative degree,
                              • have their own bicycle or scooter,
                              • have a smartphone with the application installed

                              How much does one earn as a courier in Jush Zabka?

                              As a JUSH courier you can count on a very high guaranteed rate depending on the city where you work. The rate varies between 23-35 zł per hour, on top of that we offer numerous bonuses for referring a friend, commitment and work efficiency.

                              Do I need to have my own business established?

                              Thanks to the Flow Apps offer, working as a Żabka Jush supplier is possible without setting up your own business! You work legally on the basis of a contract, and we pay all contributions and tax. At the beginning of the year you receive from us a PIT needed to settle with the tax authorities.

                              In what cities can I work?

                              The area of Żabka Jush service is dynamically expanding. You can check the current list of cities and districts in the “Cities served” section above or on


                              See what our couriers say about Flow Apps and Jush!


                              The best partner, settlements always on time, professional service, always reachable. If there is any problem, they always help, either by phone or email. Highly recommended!

                              icon St. Proletariacka 36 lok. 11
                              opening hours Mon-Fri: 08:00 - 16:00
                              icon Świętokrzyska 18, lok. 138
                              opening hours Mon-Fri: 10:00 - 17:00
                              icon St. Szlak 65 lok. 602
                              opening hours Mon-Fri: 10:00 - 17:00