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Work as a taxi driver in the largest cities!


Start working as a driver today!


Deliver groceries from Żabka stores in your area!


Earn as a food delivery driver!

Uber Eats

Earn up to 30 PLN per hour!

Bolt Food

Work in multiple apps and increase your earnings!

Free Now

Work as much as you want and whenever you want!

Lola Market

Work in a new app on the market as a courier, shopper, or picker!

Who are we?

Flow Apps is a trusted and recommended fleet partner for Glovo, Uber Eats, Stuart, Xpress Delivery, Jush, Bolt Food, Uber, Bolt and Free Now applications. We deal with cooperation in applications, enabling our couriers to achieve the highest earnings with a minimum of formalities. We guarantee support at every stage, timely settlements and clear rules of cooperation. With us you can work on many applications at the same time, thus maximizing your income.

Bicycle courier

Our offer


Offer for courier

Work in the most popular courier applications. Start even in 24 hours!

taxi driver job offer

Offer for a taxi driver

Become an Uber, Bolt or Free Now driver. Work whenever and wherever as much as you want!

kobieta wynajmuje samochód

Car rental

Rent a car adapted to work in TAXI or courier applications in Cracow, Łódź, Opole or Warsaw!

car fleet

Full vehicle fleet service

We offer settlement services for your vehicle fleet. Contact us and find out the details!

Work legalization

Legalization of the work of foreigners

Flow Apps offers full support and assistance in the process of legalizing stay and work for foreigners.


Car and bicycle insurance

Save on taxi liability/AC insurance now! Double discount for Flow Apps drivers! Reduce the price of your insurance by PLN 150!

What applications do we work with?

Advantages of working with Flow Apps

Timely settlements

Your transfers are our priority, that’s why we never delay payment! We make transfers immediately after receiving the money

Support for couriers

From the first contact with us, you will receive full support during the process of registering an account and signing contracts and, above all, during work.

Referral program

Would you like to recommend applications to a friend? We will show you how to earn money without leaving home!


We have many settled people and positive opinions behind us. Thanks to this, we have developed a cooperation system that will bring you benefits.


Each of us has an individual professional or life situation, so we will tailor our cooperation to maximize your potential and time.

Quick start

We value your time, so we have prepared a simple method thanks to which you can establish cooperation in a few minutes.

Why choose Flow Apps?

  1. We are recommended by Glovo, Stuart, Jush, Bolt.
  2. We offer an extensive system for handling couriers
  3. We have offices in 3 cities in Poland: Kraków(ul. Szlak 65 lok. 602), Warsaw(ul. Świętokrzyska 18, lok. 138) and Łódź(ul. Proletariacka 36/11).
  4. We serve in the following languages: Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, English.
  5. We offer full support via email, hotline, Messenger, Telegram and in stationary offices in the largest cities
  6. We offer the cheapest settlement on the market as well as referral codes and ambassador programs. We also rent equipment necessary for work and offer car rentals.
map Flow Apps

Flow Apps achievements:

  • 120+

    cities in Poland

  • 10

    partner applications

  • 4 cities

    with vehicle rental: Warsaw, Łódź, Opole and Cracow

  • 2500+

    couriers and drivers


See what our suppliers say about Flow Apps!


I have been cooperating with Flow apps for 5 months, working as a Glovo courier, and I really appreciate their support department, which helps at every stage, whether during registration of an account in Glovo or during permanent cooperation. I recommend this partner.


I changed my partner to FLOW APPS and the difference in the approach to cooperation is immediately visible. Good support, money on time and a nice referral system thanks to which I earned extra money. They also have the lowest commission on the market when it comes to delivery applications, so I recommend it.


Very quick registration with a minimum of formalities that I had to complete to start cooperation with Glovo, on the same day that GLOVO launched in my city. It’s obvious they know what they’re doing. Money always on time and full support. I can confidently recommend this partner.

icon Proletariacka 36 lok. 11
opening hours Mon-Fri: 08:00 - 16:00
icon Świętokrzyska 18, lok. 138
opening hours Mon-Fri: 10:00 - 17:00
icon Szlak 65 lok. 602
opening hours Mon-Fri: 10:00 - 17:00

    What applications do you work with?

    Below is a list of applications with which we cooperate and in which you can cooperate with us:

    Taxi Apps:

    Free Now:

    Courier Apps:

    Uber Eats:
    Bolt Food:
    Xpress Delivery:
    Lola Market:

    Applications can be combined, which we encourage, in order to obtain more orders!

    Join us and start working today!

    I’m starting work now!

    In which cities can I work with Flow Apps?

    Flow Apps works wherever it is possible to work in the applications we support. To check where a given platform is available, go to and select the application you are interested in There you will find a “Served cities” section with a clear map.

    Flow Apps has branches in three cities in Poland where you can go and get the necessary support:

    • Łódź Proletariacka 36 lok. 11
    • Kraków Szlak 65 St., lok. 602
    • Warsaw, Świętokrzyska 18 St, lok. 138

    For other cities, you can contact us by phone, e-mail, via Messenger or Telegram!

    Contact Us

    Is working in Flow Apps legal? Do I have to open my own business?

    Cooperation with Flow Apps is completely legal! contract is signed with each supplier/driver, based on which remuneration is paid. We pay taxes and social security contributions for all employees.

    At the beginning of the year, you receive a PIT-11 from us, on the basis of which you settle your taxes with the tax office.

    Cooperation with a Flow Apps billing partner means that you do not have to open your own business because you work legally under a contract. Thanks to this, you gain security, peace of mind and you don’t have to worry about accounting or issuing invoices!

    Write to Flow Apps customer support.

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