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Bolt Food is one of the most popular food delivery apps operating in many Polish cities. Bolt Food couriers with a bike, scooter, or car can expect attractive earnings, the amount of which depends on them! When working with Bolt Food, you determine how much and where you want to work. Flow Apps provides support at every stage of work, low commission for settlements, and timely payouts! Work with us as a courier — fill out the registration form now!
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Work as a food courier!

Bolt Food is a service similar to Uber Eats, Wolt, or Glovo, allowing convenient online food ordering with home delivery. This solution is gaining increasing popularity year by year, and currently, every popular restaurant allows orders to be placed through one of the applications available on the market. The demand for couriers is enormous, so currently, it’s hard to complain about a lack of orders. You can treat working at Bolt Food as a primary or additional source of income — you have full control over how much you work and how much you earn!

How to start working at Bolt Food

Starting work as a courier with Bolt Food through Flow Apps is incredibly simple!

All you need to do is create an account on our portal, and then register in the Bolt app for couriers. The Flow Apps portal allows for easy generation of contracts and submission of all required documents. The entire registration process is quick, and you can count on our support at every stage. You can contact us by phone through our dedicated hotline, via email, Messenger, Telegram, or Instagram.

You can work as a Bolt Food courier using your car, scooter, or bicycle. Don’t wait any longer and start your adventure with food delivery apps today!



Register on Flow Apps Portal and sign the necessary agreements to start working with the Bolt Food application.


Create a Bolt account

Register in the Bolt Food application using this link:


Fill in your details.

Enter the necessary information. IMPORTANT - remember to indicate that you already have a selected fleet partner, which is the company Flow Apps, Tax Identification Number: 7272850986.

Wait for activation

Wait for contact from Bolt Food. After your account is fully activated, you can download the Bolt app, which allows you to accept orders.


Collect the thermal bag

You can pick up the Bolt Food bag from one of our physical offices in Łódź, Kraków, or Warsaw. Alternatively, the bag can also be sent to you.


Download the app

The final step is to download the Bolt app. After full activation and logging in, you can accept your first order!

Bolt Food

  • fajka Minimum formalities
  • fajka Timely settlements
  • fajka All possible tax deductions
  • fajka Legal employment based on a contract

How much does it cost?

Flow Apps offers one of the most advantageous deals on the market to its couriers! Settlement for the Bolt Food application is only PLN 30!* By signing an agreement with us, you don’t have to worry about setting up your own business, formalities, accounting, or the need to independently pay contributions and taxes. We offer legal employment and timely payment of wages. With Flow Apps, you can work in multiple applications simultaneously, increasing the number of available orders and your earnings!
* This announcement does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code

Bolt Food — supported cities

Click on the province and check if your city is on the list!

  • Wrocław
        • Łódź
        • Kraków
        • Warszawa
            • Gdańsk
                  • Poznań

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                      Frequently Asked Questions

                      What are the requirements to start working at Bolt Food?

                      To start working at Bolt Food, candidates must:

                      • be at least 18 years old,
                      • know Polish/English language,
                      • have a vehicle to fulfill orders,
                      • have a smartphone with the Bolt courier app installed.

                      What is the settlement period in Bolt Food?

                      Settlements in Bolt Food are carried out weekly.

                      Do I need to have my own business?

                      Thanks to Flow Apps, working as a Bolt Food courier is possible without the need to establish your own company! You work legally based on a contract, and we handle all contributions and taxes. At the beginning of the year, you receive a PIT (Personal Income Tax) form from us, which you use to settle with the tax office.

                      In which cities can I work?

                      The list of cities where Bolt Food couriers can work is available in the Supported cities section.

                      Is working at Bolt Food worth it?

                      Working as a Bolt Food courier comes with many benefits. Primarily, to become a Bolt Food courier, you only need to meet a few simple requirements. You can treat courier work as a way to earn extra money or work full-time, even for 7 days a week! The earnings of Bolt Food couriers vary depending on several factors, but the best ones earn over 2000 PLN weekly!

                      You can learn more about earnings in our article Bolt Food earnings – how much does a courier earn?

                      How long does it take to start working as a Bolt Food courier?

                      The activation time of an account varies depending on the demand for Bolt couriers in a given city. Typically, account activation in the application takes no longer than 72 hours. After a short test, you will be invited to an introductory session. On the Flow Apps side, the entire registration process in the system and contract signing takes a very short time. Start working by filling out the registration form in the Flow Apps portal, and then create an account in Bolt Courier.

                      What are the benefits of working in the application?

                      • The application currently operates in the largest Polish cities and is constantly expanding.
                      • You can use any means of transportation, such as a bicycle, scooter, motorcycle, or electric scooter.
                      • You can earn extra money for working during peak hours.
                      • You can work as a part-time job or full-time.
                      • Flexible working hours allow you to combine food delivery with other activities.
                      • You can work simultaneously in other applications, maximizing earnings.


                      See what our couriers say about Flow Apps and Bolt Food!


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